You've narrowed it down to two styles- The Standard and The Classic... but now still so many decisions to make! Comfort fit, non comfort fit? Yellow, rose or white? Use the guides below to better understand the differences of each. 





Brushed finish displays a light sanded finish and is the most matted of the three. Because it not reflective, it will display its color the best.


Polished is shiny and reflective. Choose this blah blah balh


Satin is the middle not too shiny not too matte

The Standard 4mm Brushed Yellow.jpg
The Classic 4mm Brushed Yellow.jpg
The Standard 4mm Polished Yellow.jpg
The Classic 4mm Polished Yellow.jpg
The Standard 4mm Satin Yellow.jpg
The Classic 4mm Satin Yellow.jpg



Width buying guide1.png

Consider Your Finger Size

You’ll want your ring to be proportionate to your hand. Are your fingers long and slender? Then opt for a wider width, like 6mm. Are your fingers shorter? Perhaps a 4mm would look best. 

Wondering what size your dad has?

It's most likely the 4mm. Men's wedding bands were commonly made around this size... and probably in The Classic half round shape. 

Stuck Between 1.3 and 2mm?

Choose 2mm if you plan to wear it alone, 1.3mm if you wear it with an engagement ring.

Can't Decide Between 4mm and 6mm?

Go for the 5mm! It's the perfect in between without going overboard or feeling too thin.




The fit is referring to the inside of the band. It can either be flat, comfort fit, or comfort fit heavy.

When choosing your fit, keep in mind that the larger the surface area, the tighter the fit. Generally, the comfort fit heavy fits a half size larger (so order a half size or quarter size smaller) while the flat fit may feel true to size or slightly smaller.  This is especially more noticeable in the wider widths (4, 5 and 6mm).

The Classic 4mm Brushed Yellow.jpg

Flat Fit

The Flat Fit is flat on the inside of the band. Because of this, it is the thinnest of the three fits making it the best choice if you want something that feels very minimal. The total height of the ring is under 2mm. 

Comfort Fit Light

The Comfort Fit Light has a slightly rounded profile on the inside. For both the Comfort Fit Light and Comfort Fit, this makes the ring more comfortable if you have to take it on and off a lot. If you choose a wider width like 5 or 6mm, it is recommended to go with a comfort fit. 

The Classic Comfort fit 4mm brushed yellow.jpg

Comfort Fit 

The Comfort Fit is the most substantial of all the ring fits. It's total height is right around 2mm and has a decent heft to it when in your hand. If you are not used to wearing rings, the comfort fit can feel bulky at first.