Rosalyn Ring
from 2,010.00
Orpheus Ring
from 2,210.00
Peach sapphire shield halo in yellow gold.jpg
Shield III Halo Ring with Lab Grown Peach Sapphire
from 2,310.00
Aurelia Sapphire ring in yellow gold.jpg
Aurelia Sapphire Solitaire Ring
from 2,015.00
Aura Engagement Ring
from 1,289.00
Aurelia Solitaire Ring
from 1,024.00
Peacock ring by Emily chelsea Jewelry.jpg
Peacock Feather Engagement Ring
from 1,164.00
green three stone sapph up.jpg
Three Stone Sapphire Ring
from 1,600.00
Apollo ring yellow.jpg
Apollo Engagement Ring
from 1,820.00
Apollo Three Stone Ring Front View up.jpg
Apollo Three Stone Engagement Ring
from 3,312.00
june ring yellow gold.jpg
June Ring with Vintage Diamonds 1ct
from 1,535.00
IMG_8378 in yellow gold.jpg
Heart Shaped Opal Apollo Ring
from 810.00
Maribel Opal Ring
from 1,264.00
Apollo Ring.jpg
Apollo Opal Ring
from 710.00
Three Stone Rose Cut Ring
from 780.00
Ruby Crossover Ring
from 770.00
Twig Halo Ring.jpg
Twig Halo Engagement Ring
from 1,765.00
Twig Halo Engagement Ring with .25ct
from 1,012.00
Twig Engagment Ring with Scattered Diamonds 1ct
from 1,400.00
Twig Engagement Solitaire 1ct
from 1,195.00
pear shaped twig ring.jpg
Twig Engagement Solitaire with 1 Carat Pear
from 1,270.00
halo twig twist ring_white.jpg
Twig Twist Halo Engagement Ring 1ct
from 1,876.00
vintage leaf halo.jpg
Vintage Leaf Halo Engagement Ring 1ct
from 2,185.00
Decobee Halo Ring.jpg
Decobee Halo Ring with Black Rose Cut Diamond
from 1,890.00
Square for Foundry.jpg
Vintage Diamond Decobee Halo Ring with 1ct
from 1,785.60
Decobee Halo Ring.jpg
Decobee Halo Ring with 1ct
from 2,085.60
Decobee Halo Ring with .50ct
from 1,253.60
Decobee Halo Ring with 1.50ct
from 2,547.28
Decobee Halo Ring with Green Sapphire
from 1,180.00
round wheat engagement all yellow.jpg
Round Wheat Solitaire 1ct
from 1,165.00
Split Solitaire 1ct
from 1,205.00
IMG_7118 copy.jpg
Charlise Solitaire Ring
from 1,205.00
crescent ring copy.jpg
Crescent Diamond Ring
from 550.00
Deija Solitaire with 9mm
from 2,569.00
Black Rosecut Diamond with Side Diamonds
from 1,075.00
front view white.jpg
Black Rosecut Diamond Solitaire
from 775.00
Angled Moonstone Ring
from 320.00
Angled Moonstone Ring.jpg
Angled Moonstone Ring with Diamonds
from 780.00
IMG_2108 copy.jpg
Angled Moonstone Ring Large
from 300.00
IMG_0512 copy.jpg
Luna Ring