Emily Chelsea Jewelry is a Philadelphia based jeweler specializing in custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted, Emily Chelsea Jewelry is first designed with precision and accuracy then finished by hand for a handcrafted look.

PLEASE NOTE: Emily Chelsea Jewelry operates by appointment only. All showroom visits must be scheduled with an appointment either through the calendar or by scheduling with Emily directly.


Emily has always aimed at pushing the limits in whichever art medium she worked in. Often inspired by architecture as well as the organic world, she was always finding new and creative ways to put that into a wearable art form. Emily found this most enjoyable in metals- using either 3D computer modeling software or carving and fabricating in metal. Upon graduating with a BFA in jewelry/metals/CAD/CAM in 2011, Emily interned and worked with a few local jewelers before deciding to start her own business in 2013. Emily hopped back and forth from Philadelphia, PA to California and has officially settled back in to Philadelphia with her home studio in Fishtown. 


Emily Chelsea Jewelry specializes in custom wedding and engagement designs. Thanks to 3D CAD software, Emily is able to design your dream ring- customizing your ring to your exact specifications. New technology allows us to push the limits in ways that we were not able to do before making it possible to customize every last detail.

Working with heirloom diamonds and gemstones is among her favorite when it comes to custom design. Reworking an old yet meaningful piece of jewelry can mean finally getting to wear your mother's engagement ring again or seeing your grandmother's diamonds reset in a piece of jewelry that matches your style. Want to know how to re-purpose your heirloom jewelry? Contact us here to get started. 


Emily Chelsea Jewelry is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes all couples. Emily Chelsea Jewelry believes that marriage is for everyone and supports and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. You will not find gender specific categories on our website or in the shop as anyone can wear any ring. Emily does not assume your pronouns and will either ask for you and your partner’s pronouns or wait for you to use your preferred pronouns.


Emily Chelsea Jewelry is committed to social responsibility, environmental conservation and equality. Emily Chelsea Jewelry uses 100% recycled precious metals or Fairmined Gold and diamonds and colored stones that can be traced back to responsible sources.  Emily will not use gemstones that do not come from an ethical source unless specifically requested.

Emily uses eco-friendly studio practices to reduce her impact on the environment- this includes using non-toxic chemicals, recycling scrap and dust from her work bench and equipment and repurposing packaging and mailing materials. 

Emily Chelsea Jewelry does not use diamonds only labeled “conflict free” as this label does not insure that diamonds are actually free of conflict. For this reason, we only use recycled/repurposed diamonds or Canadian or Australian mined. To read more about the conflict free issue, see our blog post here.

Emily Chelsea Jewelry is also committed to transparency and education. Being committed to transparency involves showing what comes from a reliable and vetted source and what comes from an unknown source. Not all materials have traceable origins and we will be honest what can and cannot be done. Part of being transparent is in the process. Keep asking questions and please support us as we press on- pursuing more environmental and ethical sources in the jewelry industry.



Emily Chelsea Jewelry is an active member of Ethical Metalsmiths- an organization committed to informing jewelers and consumers on responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry.


Emily Chelsea Jewelry is a license holder for Fairmined Gold. Fairmined Gold is backed by a 3rd party certification system that sources gold and silver from responsible artisanal and small scale mining companies. Fairmined Gold ensures “social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of.”


Emily Chelsea Jewelry is a certified LGBTQ+ Inclusive vendor and is a proud member of Equally Wed.


Emily is a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). You can read more about gemstones and diamonds at our blog, here.


Emily has been attending and involved with the Jewelry Industry Summit since its first summit in 2015. The Jewelry Industry Summit seeks to develop collaborative approaches to solving sustainability issues and to empower businesses in the community to become more sustainable and to source more responsibly.

Emily has facilitated the Jewelry Glossary Project Initiative since 2017- a project committed to creating shared definitions on key terms used in the jewelry industry.