Marriage Equality — Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Anyone Can Wear Any Ring

Emily Chelsea Jewelry is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes all couples. Emily Chelsea Jewelry believes that marriage is for everyone and supports and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. You will not find gender specific categories on our website or in the shop as anyone can wear any ring. We do not assume your pronouns and will either ask for you and your partner’s pronouns or wait for you to use your pronouns. 

Marriage Equality, A Core Value

At Emily Chelsea Jewelry, we proudly champion marriage equality as a cornerstone of our values. We believe in creating a welcoming space where everyone feels valued and represented, regardless of who they love. We are committed to not just being a part of the conversation, but actively shaping a more inclusive and representative wedding industry for all.

We have made it our mission to vocally support marriage equality, inclusion, and representation throughout the year. Our aim is to challenge traditional wedding and marriage norms, ensuring that when you visit our store or interact with us online, you experience an environment that celebrates and honors all forms of love and commitment.

Your Love Is Meant To Be Celebrated

Committing your life to another person is a monumental milestone, and no one should have to feel nervous walking into a jewelry store, unsure of the reaction waiting for them on the other side of the jewelry case.


Marriage is for everyone. And so is a fun, exciting and judgment free wedding planning experience.


A Note From Emily

I know that my privilege means I will never fully understand and I will slip up as I learn. I aim to keep myself and our staff educated, through training, discussions and inclusion courses. At ECJ, all of our staff members are certified LGBTQ+ Inclusive professionals. 

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