Warranty — Emily Chelsea Jewelry
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Our warranty policy covers all of the jewelry purchased from Emily Chelsea Jewelry. This warranty covers all manufacturer defects in material or workmanship but does not cover neglect and abuse, natural wear and tear or stone loss over .20cts (this gets covered by your insurance).

Warranty exceptions and exclusions:

  1. Any damage to jewelry caused by neglect, abuse or natural wear and tear. Damage, such as being hit or knocked, is easily detectable under magnification. For example, if a ring wears thin or prongs wear out due to neglect or natural wear and tear, the warranty is considered void. Additionally, if a ring becomes out of round and thus causes stones to fall out, this could be due to damage to the bottom of the ring when being worn. 
  2. Any jewelry that has been repaired by another jeweler. We cannot be held responsible for merchandise that has been worked on by another jeweler. 
  3. The loss of a stone over .20 carats. Larger stones (over .20cts) can be covered by your insurance if you have submitted it for coverage with an appraisal. If you need to have a stone like this replaced, please go through your insurance company first.  
  4. Damage to your center stone. While diamond is the hardest mineral on earth, it is still subject to breaking or chipping. All other stones that are lower on the hardness scale are subject to damage from regular wear. Please be aware of this when choosing your center stone. 

If you need to return merchandise due to defects, please contact us here.  Once merchandise is received, we will carefully examine the defected merchandise and determine if the above criteria is met. Once approved, we will begin the repair on your item.  

Emily Chelsea Jewelry reserves the right to reject any returns that do not comply with the conditions stated above.