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The Truth About Gold

For a long time, we thought that recycled gold was the ethical answer. It is now as ubiquitous as saying “conflict free” and you will hear many jewelers claiming their gold is recycled, (ourselves included). Unfortunately recycled gold is not as great as it sounds, as there are many loop holes that gold can go through to get the label “recycled,” including smuggled and conflict materials. Gold can be mined as early as last week, poured into buillon, sold to a refiner, and get labeled recycled within a couple of days.

Ultimately, recycled anything does nothing about the current mining industry, and is really just an alternative without positive impact on the gold mining industry.

This is something we as a brand take very seriously, and are pleased to offer Fairmined Gold.

Fairmined gold logo
Fairmined gold logo
Fairmined gold logo


With approximately 20 million artisanal gold miners across the world, many rely on artisanal and small-scale mining as a means to make a living and support their families. However, with mining come many issues and conflicts, including but not limited to:

  • Mercury pollution and exposure
  • Child labor
  • Environmental destruction
  • Gender inequality
  • Economic exploitation
  • Unsafe working conditions

The presence of illegal and illicit gold mining in the Amazon is destroying the forest at an alarming rate, and artisanal and small scale gold mining is reported to be the number 1 release of mercury in the world.

Woman near a mine holding a sign that says "I mined your gold"
Woman near a mine holding a sign that says "I mined your gold"
Woman near a mine holding a sign that says "I mined your gold"


Fairmined Gold is an initiative developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a non-profit organization globally recognized as a leader and pioneer of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining. Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM). It is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification system, ensuring that small mining communities are meeting the standards for responsible and safe practices. The premium that is collected for Fairmined Gold is paid directly to the mining communities and can be used to improve working conditions, social development and environmental protection.  

The Fairmined Standard not only covers all aspects of responsible mining practices, but the routine assessments ensure that miners maintain their certification as well as improve their social impact and efforts to care for the environment. 

Since Fairmined was first introduced in 2014, they now work with 10 different mines in 3 different countries, including Colombia, Peru and Mongolia. Currently, over 450 jewelers in 21 different countries work with Fairmined Gold, Emily Chelsea Jewelry being one of them. 

Fairmined For You

While we provide recycled gold, silver and platinum, we recognize that the mining industry is not going away (nor do we want it to!) and new mining will continue to happen. We always knew that recycled metals were not the answer but rather an alternative to conflict mining. Choosing Fairmined Gold for your jewelry is a great way to make a positive impact on the mining industry, as your purchase helps to create a more sustainable mining industry where community members and miners can directly benefit. 

Fairmined Gold is gold to be proud of; as it demonstrates the value of responsible mining, generates positive impact with each purchase and provides an assurance that each piece has been made with responsibly mined gold.  

We currently offer Fairmined Gold in 14kt yellow gold and is available for most Emily Chelsea Jewelry rings.