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Join us for our special 2-day HEIRLOOM SOIREE

It’s time to dig out and dust off your old precious jewels and discover amazing opportunities to trade in, recycle, or remount into something you love. Here’s what we have in store for you:



Friday, July 19th: Trade In Day


Trade in and sell your jewels! We are offering a rare opportunity to buy your old gold and platinum jewelry and/or gemstones and diamonds. By appointment only. We will be offering cash or store credit. Exclusions apply, see details below.

Trade In And Sell Details: 

Have old pieces lying around that you no longer wear? This is the perfect opportunity to sell or trade them in!

Jewelry We Are Buying:

  • Gold and platinum jewelry including but not limited to:
    • Intact or broken chains
    • Pair or single earrings
    • Brooches
    • Intact or broken jewelry (It’s ok if they are missing a stone or two!)

Stones We Are Buying:

  • Natural Diamonds
  • Precious colored gems: Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies
  • Semi-Precious colored gems: All

Stones/Jewelry We Are Not Buying:

  • Synthetic (Including Lab-grown diamonds), simulants, glass or plastic
  • Costume jewelry
  • Alternative metals 
  • Sterling Silver
  • I1 and I2 clarity diamonds under 3mm in size
  • Gemstones broken in half or with break severity larger than 50%
  • Gemstones with unidentifiable characteristics. Unknown species.

Don’t know what something is? Don’t worry! We will test it when it is here.

Please allow up to 1 hour for a full evaluation. The evaluation will be based on the metal’s karat and weight, as well as the quality of any stones present.

Each piece of jewelry will be tested to determine its actual karat value. Payment will be based on the tested karat value, not the stamped value (e.g., if a piece is stamped 14kt but tests as 10kt, payment will be for 10kt).

We will be offering payment based on scrap value, not as finished jewelry. 

All stones will be evaluated and tested to the best of our ability.

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Saturday, July 20th: Remount Day

A day jam packed with excitement, education and shopping! Bring in your jewels to be reset or remounted. Get the rare opportunity to snag one of signature styles at a special price OR shop from an array of unique gemstones to set in your heirloom piece.



This event is perfect for anyone who has old jewels sitting around collecting dust, either passed down or broken, fully functional but not loved or loved but not fully functional!




July 20th, 10am: Jewelry Forensics- How to Identify Your Jewelry

Doors open at 10am, talk to follow shortly after.

No jewelry to bring to the event? No problem! We’d still love to have you as we kick off the day. We will be starting our day chatting with Jay Moncada of Perpetuum Jewels. We will be discussing antique jewelry and how to properly identify jewelry passed down to you. Join us for coffee, pastries and mimosas starting at 10am. RSVP required

We will be debuting our latest antique finds, sharing our insider jewelry intel as well as displaying some of our most coveted diamonds and sapphires. Bring a friend and make it a date! We can’t wait to see you here.