Metal Suppliers — Emily Chelsea Jewelry
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Source Origin: Recycled in a US based refinery

Material: Gold, silver, platinum

Number of Suppliers: 2, Hoover & Strong and Reldan

ECJ Assessment: We buy our recycled gold from 2 US refineries who refine precious metals from old jewelry, dental parts, “sweeps”, flatware, etc. From building relationships with both, we trust their word that the gold they are providing is indeed recycled but approach this wearily as the definition of recycled has become quite muddled. To read more about our concern with recycled, click here.


Source Origin: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Material: Gold

Number of Suppliers: 1, through Hoover & Strong

ECJ Assessment: Fairmined Gold is an initiative developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a non-profit organization globally recognized as a leader and pioneer of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining. Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM). It is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification system, ensuring that small mining communities are meeting the standards for responsible and safe practices. The premium that is collected for Fairmined Gold is paid directly to the mining communities and can be used to improve working conditions, social development and environmental protection.  
The Fairmined Standard not only covers all aspects of responsible mining practices, but the routine assessments ensure that miners maintain their certification as well as improve their social impact and efforts to care for the environment. 
Since Fairmined was first introduced in 2014, they now work with 7 mines in 3 countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. 
At ECJ, we see Fairmined as the best model as it is supporting mining communities instead of avoiding them. Our goal is to switch over our entire collection to be fully Fairmined by 2026. 

SCS Certified Recycled

Source Origin: Recycled in a US refinery

Material: Gold

Number of Suppliers: 1, Stuller

ECJ Assessment: SCS Certified Recycled means that a 3rd party audits our supplier to make sure that they comply with their criteria to be considered post consumer recycled. Our supplier is routinely and rigorously audited to guarantee that everything they purchase and sell is in compliance. We consider 3rd party auditing the highest degree of guarantee as it comes from an unbiased third party with rigorous standards in place. 

Future Source:

Source Origin: Sierra Leone gold mined with Gold Drop

Source Origin: Sierra Leone

Material: Gold

Number of Suppliers: 1

ECJ Assessment: Since 2016, ECJ has been a sustaining supporter of the Mercury Free Mining Project, led by Toby Pomeroy. MFM developed the Gold Drop, a mining sluice that allows miners in remote locations to safely and efficiently mine gold without mercury. The Gold Drop has been adopted by artisanal mining communities in Sierra Leone and will soon be brought to market through Hoover & Strong. We are excited to soon offer this alongside Fairmined Gold so that we can completely remove the use of recycled gold.