5 Stone Land and Sea Capsule Necklace


Our Land And Sea 5-Stone Necklace mirrors the diverse hues found in the natural world. Inspired by both land and sea, the carefully curated gemstones reflect the rich greens of lush forests, the serene blues of ocean depths, and the warm earthy tones of sun-kissed landscapes. This versatile piece is a celebration of the breathtaking colors that surround us, a wearable masterpiece that effortlessly transitions from the depths of the ocean to the heart of the wilderness.

This necklace contains Afghani seafoam green tourmaline, Mexican orange fire opal and Oregon peach sunstone.
This necklace is an 18″ long 1.3mm wide cable chain made of recycled 14kt gold and has a spring clasp.
Unless otherwise noted, each item is made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for completion.